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Online Library: Research and Studies

This section is composed of two sections, Recent and Special Interest and The Stacks.  The Stacks is catalogued by alphabetical order. Click on each topic to be taken to the section of the library that includes selections from that area.

Recent and of Special Interest

The Stacks


Common Myths about the Sexual Abuse of Boys and Men
By Menstuff.org

"… There are several factors that contribute to the epidemic of sexual abuse of boys and of children in general. Perhaps the single largest contributor is secrecy - secrecy within families, schools, daycare facilities, churches, and other organizations, as well as secrecy maintained by witnesses of the abuse and by the victims themselves. …"

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Behavioral Disorders  

Can a Valid Diagnosis of Disruptive Behavior Disorder Be Made in Preschool Children?
By American Journal of Psychiatry 

"…The authors compare different approaches to conceptualizing disruptive behavior in young children, review evidence for the construct validity of DSM-based oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder in preschool children, and outline an agenda for future research. …" 

Behavioral Disorders in Early Childhood
By Bright Tots

 "…Human development is shaped by a continuous interaction between biology and experience. Every child is born with powerful inborn tendencies, and these tendencies can work both for and against a child. …" 

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Lost Boys
By American Psychological Association

"Research shows that boys are losing interest in academics and attending college far less frequently than they used to. A psychologist is working to reverse that trend."

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Developmental Disorders

Other Developmental Disorders and Behavioral Disorders
By First Signs

"Although developmental and behavioral disorders are increasingly widespread, they are still poorly understood by most of society."

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Elementary School  

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High School

Leaving Boys Behind: Public High School Graduation Rates
By Civic Report

"This study uses a widely respected method to calculate public high school graduation rates for the nation, for each state, and for the 100 largest school districts in the United States."

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Junior High 

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Boys' Literacy
By K12 Academics

"Research from regional, national and international assessments reveal the following trends…"

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Mental Health

Mental Health and Suicide
By The Boys Initiative

"…Boys commit suicide at a rate approximately 3.5 times that of girls. …" 

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Physical Health 

By FierceHealthcare

"..The recommendations of the IOM Committee on Pediatric Health and Health Care Quality Measures were the topic of a recent article in FierceHealthcare.

In response to a Congressional request in the Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization of 2009, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Research Council evaluated current practices in the measurement of child and adolescent health and quality of care. The committee concluded that efforts "to identify, monitor, and address persistent health and healthcare quality disparities among children and adolescents" is hindered by a lack of standardization in many key areas of measurement, including race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, primary language spoken at home and parental English proficiency. The committee recommended five steps to stimulate research in this area, and recommended that one of the key plans for reducing disparities in measuring child and adolescent health and healthcare quality include a "life-course approach," that would examine the way in which certain events at each stage of development affect future health and healthcare quality. The committee said the increasing diversity among the child and adolescent population is one of reasons for which measurement is particularly important.

Breastfeeding Duration and Academic Achievement at 10 Years
By Pediatrics 1/2011

"…The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between duration of breastfeeding and educational outcomes. …"

Childhood: A Breast-Feeding Benefit, This One for Boys
By New York Times 1/7/2011

"… Researchers in Australia recorded the breast-feeding duration of 1,038 babies and then tested their academic performance at age 10 using standardized tests of mathematics, reading, writing and spelling. …"

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National Center for Health Statistics on Teen Sexuality
By MenStuff

"…That's why scientists--and concerned parents--were so interested in a new report issued last week by the National Center for Health Statistics. It finally offered solid data about what real kids are doing at home after school, in the back of the car and between the sheets. …"

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Single Sex Education

Single-Sex vs. Coed: The Evidence

"What's the evidence? What have researchers found when they compare single-sex education with coeducation?"

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Stress Patterns In Adolescence Differ Between Boys And Girls
By Science Blog

"…That's why scientists--and concerned parents--were so interested in a new report issued last week by the National Center for Health Statistics. It finally offered solid data about what real kids are doing at home after school, in the back of the car and between the sheets. …"

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Substance Abuse

Some Facts about Boys and Substance Abuse
By US Department of Health and Human Services

"…In 2006, 47% of twelfth grade boys, 34% of tenth grade boys, and 16% of eighth grade boys reported drinking alcohol in the past 30 days. …"

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Stopping Violence Before It Starts: Identifying Early Predictors of Adolescent Violence
By Rand

"…To that end, a RAND research team led by Phyllis Ellickson identified "early predictors" of violence — personality traits, demographic characteristics, social influences, and behaviors in early adolescence that increase the likelihood of engaging in violent behavior a few years later. …"

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