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We've Reached Peak Absurdity When It Comes to Campus Sexual Assault Washington Examiner 79
Catholic Teacher, 35, Collapses TWICE as She Gets up to 25 YEARS in Prison After Conviction of Having Sex with 15-Year-Old Student Right Wing News 81
Teacher who had sex with 2 students gets probation New York Post 87
Teacher 'who had sex with three students' is defended by VICTIM in court as judge says she'll stand trial for continuing relations with 17-year-old while she was on bail Daily Mail 74
Alabama tops list of states with highest rate of teachers busted for sex with students ...an average of two a month Daily Mail 76
Sexual Assault and Justice The American Prospect 105
University of Ottawa men's hockey players to file class-action lawsuit CBC News 77
Juveniles Sexually Abused by Staffers at Corrections Facilities The Wall Street Journal 87
He was abused by a female teacher, but he was treated like the perpetrator The Washington Post 83
Dads: how important are they? McGill University Health Centre 112
Legislators introduce bill would give students right to an attorney during disciplinary proceedings Grand Forks Herald 82
Circumcised boys may be more likely to develop autism and ADHD by the age of 10 Daily Mail 75
The College Rape Overcorrection Slate 118
Student: Men who have been raped still have more privilege than women Campus Reform 75
As the Campus Rape Narrative Unravels, Will Due Process Strike Back in 2015? Reason.com 82