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December 2, 2013 - Weekly Roundup Archive


December 2, 2013

News Clips

International News


  • Spike in AIDS-related adolescent deaths raises alarm
    But new data has revealed that while AIDS-related deaths globally have fallen in the general population over the last seven years, deaths among adolescents rose by 50 percent in the same period and UN agencies are raising the alarm. 
    November 27, 2013


  • Education will keep children safe in our sexual world
    A lot of parents argue against early sex ed because "it'll put ideas in their heads". But here's the thing: your child is already thinking about sex, whether they know what it is or not. A healthy education that informs them of what is happening to girls' and boys' bodies, the consequences of acting on their urges, how to do so safely, how to respect themselves (as well as other people) and how to navigate some of the emotional ramifications of sexual relationships just might save them from a pre-teen abortion or becoming Lorelei from Gilmore Girls.
    Herald Sun
    December 2, 2013


  • Testy student ads raise eyebrows
    A pair of UBCO Health Psychology students are asking men a very important question these days. Have you played with your balls?
    November 27, 2013


  • ‘India among 12 nations with most HIV+ adolescents’
    A new report puts India among 12 high burden countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania that are home to the 2.1 million adolescents living with HIV in 2012. A UNICEF report says that AIDS-related deaths amongst adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 increased by 50% between 2005 and 2012, rising from 71,000 to 110,000 and that many adolescents were unaware that they were infected.
    Times of India
    December 1, 2013