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01/19/2018 - The Boys Initiative Newsletter


The Boy's Initiative Newsletter 01/19/2018

Toxic Masculinity In Boys IsFueling An Epidemic Of Loneliness
By NBC News 

"... Emotional isolation has calamitous health implications, and it's becoming more prevalent in America. Why? One developmental psychologist says America's toxic masculine culture kills young boys' friendships right as boys are expected to "grow up" into men, and those loss of friendships may echo throughout men's lives. ..."
By The Olympian on 01/18/2018

"... With much regret, I’m talking about our sons, our beautiful and long-neglected sons. Let’s look at a sampling of alarming facts about America’s boys — boys who seem wanting of committed champions. ..."

Entire Class Punished For 'Microaggressive' Comments 

By Campus Reform on 01/09/2018

"... “What have other conversations around identity, race, culture, oppression, and colonization been like for you at our school?” Marquart also asked students, later asking, “what can you contribute that might change the experience of this conversation for yourself?” ...'

What's The Problem With White Working Class Boys?

By Politics.co.uk on 01/09/2018

"... Last week, Labour's shadow education secretary Angela Rayner ventured into the territory of the educational underachievement of white, working class boys. I don't think it would be accurate to say she poked a stick into a hornet's nest. It's more like she clumsily trod on it in her bare feet. ..."


Minority Youth Project
The issue of male underachievement is most pronounced in minority communities

Health Provider Toolkit for adolescent and young adult males
is a project to develop clinical practice tools and resources

National Affinity Network
Change begins at the local level

Click on the following topics for more information. For the most recent data on the status of boys, review the Study and Proposal to Create a White House Council on Boys to Men.

Failure to Launch
Failure to Launch is becoming a matter of growing concern to many parents

Students cannot be expected to excel in an atmosphere of fear, yet that is exactly the challenge that thousands of boys face everyday.

Dropping Out
Information about boys' higher drop-out rates, failure rates, and lower college attendance.



Online Library
A comprehensive source of information on boys issues, by subject area.  Includes scholarly articles, media reports, official reports, media events and a range of other resources.

Our weekly news roundup on issues related to boys and young men

This list contains a wide range of individuals who have been active in issues relating to boys who have come to our attention. 

Many national organizations focus on issues that relate to boys and young men

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